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How You Can Contribute


We would love it if your organisation could sign up to a project but if you don't have the time, please support us by donating now to the ring-fenced PCiP fund administered by the Plymouth Drake Foundation.

Hold discussions within your organisations and decide to get involved – then contact us and let us know. We can share with you a list of high impact, long lasting projects that, with your help will really start to make a difference and reduce child poverty in Plymouth.

Adopt a Charity

Make Child Poverty your charity of the year - talk to us about how, through working together, the multiplier effect can make a big difference.

Book start

Giving every preschool child a book to improve reading skills and book interest.


Allocate a Child Poverty champion in you business to ensure your up to date with the issues, what we are doing and how you can get involved.

Early years play equipment

Volunteer to be a “Play partner” or donate “loose parts” and “junk” materials to enable children to discover and learn something for themselves. e.g. guttering, pallets, card board boxes, tyres etc.

Grow Share Cook

Provides fruit and veg for a year to supplement a families diet - that will be delivered to a family fortnightly. Just £140 a year will fund a family through the programme which also involves cooking workshops to help families learn how to eat and cook healthy.

Helping my Child to Learn

To provide support sessions for parents/ carers to assist their children’s learning skills.

Helping my Child to Read

To provide support sessions for parents/ carers so they can assist with their children’s reading skills.

Life Education Centre

Enable children to improve their oral health by suporting learning in the classroom and including parent and carer sessions focused on improving oral health and hygiene.

Make A Video

Let us make a video showcasing what working for your organisation is like - we will then arrange for the videos to be run at school assemblies, raising the aspirations of the viewing children. If you would like to go that little bit further to really make a difference, follow up with a tour of your facilities.

National Citizen Service

Contribute £50 for a 15-17 year old to take part in the National Citizen Service course and give them the opportunity to succeed in new challenges, new experiences and help boost their CV.

Show them what you do

Inspire our young people by giving them a tour of your facilities and letting them know what they can achieve at an organisation like yours.

Widening Horizons

To provide children with access to new learning environments and experiences, to understand the importance of education and the link to future employment.