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We are Website Ready!

On 9th November, the PCiP Website Working Group met to get some training on how to edit the new PCiP website. The website and training has been provided by Cosmic, who we cannot thank enough for their help and support of our cause to date.

We are all really excited about the website and the potential it has to link organisations from all over Plymouth with ongoing projects, new projects and of course each other.

The website will continue to develop over time as more information and content is added showing what you are all up to. Please bear with us, we are all doing this around the day job, and let us know if you spot anything that isn’t quite right.

Please also feel free to share content with us or ideas. PCiP is about creating a network and we want to make sure we are networking with as many people as possible through the website.

If you want to be involved with PCiP in any way, please do drop us an email at