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Unique Intervention Project – Superkids

The Dartmoor Superkids Project is a unique and powerful intervention project. An intervention made possible with a substantial donation by St James’ Place Wealth Management, presented by Martyn Sullivan during the 2019 PwC quiz

A cohort of Plymouth Year 9 students has been given the opportunity to change the direction of their future. To catch them before they make some choices that will detrimentally affect their future.

The previous projects supported children who experienced extremely low self-esteem and very low emotional intelligence levels (on average a 15-year-old will have an emotional age of 17 months). This means that when things go wrong their behaviour is indicative of a toddler. The children are usually considerably behind academically, and for a multitude of reasons, very few have any future goals and aspirations; they believe that they will always be worthless and of no value to society. When these students reach Superkids they have usually been underperforming academically for a number of years, or absent from education on a regular basis. As a result, their futures in school or college are not promising, and efforts to obtain work placements have found very few organisations will accept these students.


Established Impact Results

The benefits leading directly from this project on the school and the students, include:

• Students have much more confidence

• They have more self-esteem

• They are more comfortable accepting challenges

• The previous pupils attending the programme are ALL now in college or working (100% success rate)

Pictures of the work are all over the school, which motivates and interests others and makes students, parents and carers proud when they visit.

• Better behaviour when in the school

• Increased attendance

• Increased self-challenging and resilience (DofE, Martial Arts)

• More work-related qualifications (Animal Care, First Aid, Unit Awards, BTEC)

• Better GCSE grades (English, Maths)


We are proud to be able to support the Superkids Project and look forward to sharing pictures and updates as to their progress.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact me:

Unique Intervention Project – Superkids Image
Unique Intervention Project – Superkids Image