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Introducing PCiP…

The why…

Plymouth Children in Poverty (PCiP) emerged from a discussion about the context of a Barclays Bank and Bank of England Lunch in 2018. During this lunch, the unsettling statistics that some wards in Plymouth faced child poverty levels in excess of 35% were revealed. Over 11,000 children faced daily financial and aspirational battles, that there is a distinct possibility that these children’s future was already mapped out – dictated purely by the ward they were born into. Stephen Patey of PwC, Charlie Jones, Finance Director at Wolferstan Solicitors and Adam Croney, a Partner at Thomas Westcott Chartered Accountants who were all colleagues at PwC at that time shared the belief that the time for talking was over – that the business sector must join forces with other sectors and engage with both their time and funding.

Plymouth Children in Poverty has grown and now operates as a long-term initiative within The Plymouth Drake Foundation, guided by the Chair Maurice West. PCiP includes a well-balanced committee offering drive, knowledge and expertise, garnered from the business, charity, education and public sectors, supporting the premise that to make a long term and sustainable difference, it really will take all sectors to come together with a common purpose.


Meet… The Plymouth Children in Poverty Working Group

Stephen Patey, Director at PwC, Trustee and Treasurer of the Plymouth Drake Foundation, PCiP founder and a member of the Plymouth City Council Child Poverty Working Group

Maurice West, Chair of The Plymouth Drake Foundation

Adam Croney, Partner at Thomas Westcott and a founding member of PCiP.

Charlie Jones, Finance Director at Wolferstans and a founding member of PCiP.

Sam Phillpott MBE, Trustee of the Plymouth Drake Foundation, Independent Champion for Plymouth Children in Poverty, a member of The Plymouth City Council Child Poverty Working Group and Chair of Millfields Trust CEDT.

Roger Pipe, CEO Millfields Trust and founding member of PCiP.

Josanne Stewart, Development Manager, Millfields Inspired.

Anna Phillips, Legal Director Foot Anstey and the Foot Anstey CSR team of Beth Nash and Marina Leigh.

Caroline Perry, The Plymouth Drake Foundation Office Manager.

Julie Nash MEd, NPQH, experienced Ofsted Inspector (primary, secondary, SEND), head teacher and senior leader with over 13 years’ leadership experience in 3 very different educational settings.

Alan Knott, P.C.C Policy Advisor and author of 2019-22 Child Poverty Action Plan.

Steve Pearce, Plymouth Drake Foundation Trustee and Former Devon and Cornwall Chief of Police.

Dave Briggs, Marketing Manager, Nash & Co.

Kerry Bidewell, Plymouth Children in Poverty Projects Coordinator.

If you would like to get involved…let’s talk…